He aha i utua ai te rangahau mate huka?

Why fund diabetes research

Less than 1% of what’s spent on diabetes care and support in New Zealand is invested in research. It’s a staggeringly low figure considering the epidemic proportions of type 2 diabetes in Aotearoa and its steep trajectory for the next 20 years. *

Diabetes research has the power to translate research discoveries into real-world health and economic benefits, to prevent disease and help people with diabetes live well.

To be in the best position to conduct New Zealand research, the Diabetes New Zealand Research Foundation is also committed to supporting, developing and retaining our robust research community. This will ensure we foster the careers of local researchers to create true impact and positive outcomes for people with diabetes into the future.

New Zealand research and researchers are well respected on the international stage. Over the years, they have contributed significantly to advancements in diabetes care. Our goal is to ensure this continues.

The Economic and Social Cost Of Type 2 Diabetes Report 2021

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